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Pressure Care Products & Services


Our Mattresses

 OLA 8, at the top of the OLA range, is a total replacement pressure relief mattress. It provides optimum therapy for patients up to very high risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have existing tissue damage. Established for over 10 years, OLA is the alternating pressure mattress of choice for many types of care establishments across the country.  

We are now offering all types of new Pressure care items we now provide to the Nursing Industry, just a call away. All items will be listed in the near future



 Care beds, or nursing beds, are used to enhance the quality of life for the user by aiding mobility, providing advanced comfort and assisting in the nursing of the user. Care beds come in two forms: divan, which is a flat bed base and mattress; and profiling, which consists of an adjustable mattress platform so the user can re position themselves in bed. Care beds are also known as orthopedic hospital beds, nursing beds, and electric beds. 


Manual Handling (every 4th hoist LOLER tested FREE)

The Invacare Birdie (pictured left) & the Reliant 350 Stand Assist (Pictured right)  offers a range of features that provide an improved transfer environment for both carer and the client. A full 360° range of motion combines with smooth lifting technology and near silent operation to ensure a high level of dignity and care. 

We are now offering a massive range of hoists plus the follow up LOLER testing too. All hoists to be listed in the very near future.

Some of our products

Ola Alternating Mattress


 OLA is ideal for independent nursing and care homes, where efficacy and patient care needs to be balanced with value for money. 

Established over 10 years, OLA is the mattress of choice for many types of care establishments across the country. 


Casa Med Classic FS


The Casa Med Classic FS Electric Profile bed offers an attractive design and is available in either Beech, Maple, Oak or Walnut.
Integral wooden side rails included as standard
Dewert® motor, handset and controls
Easy to use 8 button handset features
Attractive curved wooden headrest and footboard medical supplies store advance medical supplies

Pure Air 20²


 The Pure Air 20², at the top of the range, is a bariatric pressure relieving cushion specifically designed for heavier patients who are susceptible to pressure damage or already have tissue damage. 

It’s suitable for patients up to very high risk of developing pressure ulcers